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Yes, life can be stressful frustrating challenging intense

Using my SMB breathwork model, you will find healing, calm & joy.

Imagine a life without excessive stress & burnout. 

I will give you easy-to-follow tools and step-by-step practical solutions.

“WOW, just WOW. The SMB breathwork changed my life. My anxiety is gone, and my relationship has turned around for the better. This is magic!”

Joseline Hernandez

Happy customers

“I feel amazing after each session. I noticed my calmness, and my PTSD symptoms are almost gone.”

Luca Perez

“This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I could finally let go of some old hurt and feel more light and happy!”

Veronica Harris

How can I help you?

Benefits of SMB Breathwork

Meet Thomas

I am also a psychedelic and breathwork facilitator.

I’m a somatic coach and author with ten years of experience helping individuals flourish.

I am trained as a Somatic relational coach, certified in integrative somatic trauma therapy, and an ecstatic dance facilitator and DJ. 

Helping individuals live their best life is my absolute passion and life’s work.

My mission is to provide you with practical, easy-to-follow tools and solutions to make your life simpler, more rewarding, and more joyful.

SMB Breathwork Method

The Somatic Movement Breathwork Method

You can’t change behaviour without changing emotions. 

You need to spot the pattern, calm the nervous system, and recalibrate to achieve lasting results.

Your emotions and behaviours are interconnected and inseparable. Using the SMB Method, you will be able to centre, restore calm, and process emotions so you can open up space for lightness, peace and joyfulness.

The method is based on our nervous system’s automatic soothing system (ventral vagus) and how our body and mind are designed to restore safety and playfulness using comforting touch, movement & breath. 

Let’s get started

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Your Questions answers


Before we start, we will discuss what you want to get out of the session.

We will then discuss your boundaries and what you feel comfortable with.

Touch will not be used if you are uncomfortable with this.

The session will usually include an initial discussion and movement practice to release stress and restore calm.

Followed by a 45 – 60 min guided breathwork session. It will be directed by a music journey, and depending on our discussion; I might use supportive words and comforting touch on angles, hands and shoulders.

In the end, soothing and comforting touch might only be used upon your request. This would be similar to a massage but with less pressure.

The cost depends on what you want to be included in the session and how long you want the session to last.

The typical session is 2 hours but can be extended to 3.

I tend to only work with long-term clients of a minimum of 2 months as that produces the best results.

The cost is £120 per hour.

We will discuss consent and what you feel comfortable with in your free initial consultation call.

We will also check in at the beginning of each session and discuss what you want and don’t want.

You can also, at any point, say stop, and it will be respected.

If touch is included upon your request, it is all non-sexual and will only include areas like hands, arms, and shoulders, similar to getting a massage.

Simply schedule a free call below, or if you prefer written communication, use the chat with us widget at the bottom right corner of your screen or the contact me page.


My Guarantee To You

Love it, or I’ll cover it! I will refund you in full if you don’t like the first session as long as you tell me during or when we finish the first session. That’s how much I believe in the power of the method.

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